After serving students and local residents of Nacogdoches for ten years, Jimmy Johns in Nacogdoches has closed its doors for good. They were a staple for students at Stephen F. Austin University. The reason for closing was sited as sales impact from COVID. The owner Judy Cudnick made the announcement yesterday.

It just comes down to less people in town eating out, and less students physically on campus. Looking forward I am sure they just didn't see how our Nacogdoches Jimmy Johns would be sustainable. They really relied, as a sandwich shop, on people eating out for lunch. Now with more people working remotely, and students taking classes online, the demand just wasn't there.

Every time I was in Nacogdoches I would go to Jimmy Johns. I loved their tuna salad sandwich. I would usually get it as an unwich, with just lettuce instead of a bun, and those amazing chips. I loved the sayings on the walls, and the transparent way that they made the sandwiches. I also used their delivery services, and as their commercials suggested it was really fast.

Jimmy Johns is ranked number 4 among sandwich shops sales in the nation. They are behind the obvious number one Subway, with over 24,000 restaurants. Jimmy Johns has almost 3,000 locations. I never had a complaint about the food or the service, thought the parking was a little dicey if you had a large vehicle.

They will be scheduling a day soon to sell all of the equipment in the store. If you have an interest you can message them on facebook.


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