Anything you have ever wanted to win is right there at your fingertips with the K-Fox 955 App. If you are reading this right now on the app, you know what I am talking about.

There is a lot to explain when it comes to some contests. This one isn't complicated.

We made it that way on purpose, so you can win the money. I'll tell you how easy it is to win the 10k, and hopefully, give you some hints to winning it on K-Fox 955.

Sign Up For App Alerts

You might already be reading this on the app. When you first installed it, you signed up for app alerts.

When you first signed up you might not have known all the ways that those alerts can help. Sign up for the contest alerts and that will give you a good start to finding out what is going on with the contest.

The contest is better than ever, but you might notice a few differences when you play. Things like keeping track of your daily plays have moved a bit. Just know that it's saving your work.

Thanks To Our Listeners 

This shot at 10K is our way to say thanks for listening. There are two daily shots at $1000.

That means there are 40 shots at the $1,000. Two every weekday for the next four weeks.

Codes are going out every hour near the start of each hour. First codes go out around 8 am with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, and then every hour until my show with the last word at a little after 5 pm on "Take It To The House."

Good luck, and I hope you win all the money you could ever want.


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