Join us for a K-Fox 955 Streetcast Today at America's Car Mart in Nacogdoches! 

We always have a great time at Car-Mart and this time we are in for some scary good fun. We will be at Car-Mart on South St. In Nacogodches Friday October 27th, from 3-5pm just in time for a big Halloween Celebration.

Bring the kids out in costume for the costume contest. There will be lots of prizes for the contestants, and plenty of candy. The trunk-or-treat is always entertaining with some of the vehicles on the lot decorated in themes, and filled with candy for all the kids.

I've got some fresh K-Fox T-Shirts to give out while we are there. We always have some great food for everyone when we are at Car-Mart, and this will be no exception.I recently went though a bunch of stuff in our storage area, and we found a big stack of fresh K-Fox stickers for everyone.

We will be there from 3-5pm and with all the free prizes this will be a perfect outing for your afternoon with the kids. Plus Car-Mart has some great incentives to come out and get a new ride.  You will have lots of options to get a new vehicle.


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