Get a free K-Fox 955 T-Shirt this Saturday at Metro PCS while we are there from 1-3pm. Just show us that you downloaded the our new app and we will hook you up.

We are going to be live at Metro PCS in Lufkin from 1-3pm. This is the one right in front of HEB. Love to get outside and hang with my friends and listeners. Plus if you download our new app (CLICK HERE) and show it to me on your phone, I'll put a brand spanking new K-Fox 955 T Shirt in your grasp. Metro PCS always has tons of cool things to give away while we are there as well.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Everyone is invited to come hang out with us at Metro PCS and get a free smartphone! While we are there everyone, including current customers, new customers, your Mom, Dad, Brothers, sisters, cousins, your friends, frenemies, buddies, squad...yes everyone.

Keep that tax refund and get yourself a free SELECT smartphone from your favorite brands like LG and Samsung. Yes a free smartphone after after instant, and mail in rebates. Sales Tax not included, activation and upgrade fees may apply.

When we get back to the station, I'll post up pictures from the live broadcast!


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