This Saturday May 24th, 2019 we have a K-Fox 955 Streetcast at Rex Perry Autoplex on the Loop in Nacogdoches. Sean will be there firing up the grill with some Daddy's Seasoning and Massingills meat market making it delicious from 11am - 2pm.

If you are in Nacogdoches and you love grilled delicious hamburgers, don't worry, you won't have to drive very far. We are going to be at Rex Perry Autoplex from 11-2pm right in town.  Just take the Old Tyler Road Exit. We will be right across the the street from the Nacogdoches Expo and Civic Center.

Its all about customer appreciation when we are there. If you are all ready a customer, or a listener, you are our guest, come by and have lunch on us! Something for everyone. Food, Fun, and cool cars. It's like a car show. See the new top of the line Cadillac then check the entire Hyundai line and the amazing prices of that affordable car line.

Every time we go to Rex Perry I am always amazed at the vehicles they have in stock. Always something different to check out. The pre-owned super center make it so there are cars from virtually every manufacture.

So even if you aren't looking for a new vehicle, there is a lot to see and do while we are there. So come by for lunch and hang out for a bit this Saturday. See you there!




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