Kidd’s Kids Day 2013 on K-Fox 955 is tomorrow Wednesday, October 23rd. Kidd’s Kids Day is the one day out of the year that we and Kidd Kraddick in the Morning set aside to raise money to help send kids with a chronic or terminal illness to Walt Disney World. This once in a lifetime experience for many of the kid involved and it’s made possible by the generous donations that are made by you the listener of the morning show.

K-Fox 955 will be out tomorrow Wednesday from 6a-10a collecting money to send these kids on the trip. Look for Me at the Lufkin McDonalds on Timberland Drive and Steve Rixx at the Nacogdoches McDonalds on North Street Across from SFA.

Each year the Kidd’s Kids charity selects children that have been nominated that have a chronic or terminal illness to go an all expense paid trip with their immediate family to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. While on this trip many parents get to see their children smile for the first time, even laugh for the first time and those are the memories that will live on forever in the minds of the parents. The children don’t go alone, their parents and brothers and sisters get to go too.

Kidd Kraddick relies upon his listeners to help fund this trip every year so that the families are out nothing. Everything is paid for – airfare thanks to Southwest Airlines, hotel room, food, park tickets, transportation EVERYTHING is paid for including souvenirs and a set of Mickey Mouse ears!