Caroline Kraddick, daughter of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's namesake, debuts her new single on the show!

Today is Kidd's Kids Day, the day that KiddNation comes together to send kids with a life threatening or life altering condition on a trip to Walt Disney World next month. The Kidd's Kids foundation director is Caroline Kraddick, the daughter of the founder of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

Long time fans of the show, know the struggles that Caroline has gone through to become a singer. Her dad, Kidd Kraddick, would send her to voice lessons and camps so that she could become the artist that she is today. Not to long ago she called up the shows' good friend, Ryan Cabrera, and hooked up with him to get some advice on song writing, performing and more.

After the session, she had an awesome song which she debuted during Kidd's Kids Day! Immediate comparisons were being drawn between Caroline and Kelly Clarkson and came back to play it on the show live! You can purchase Caroline's song 'This Love' at and all of the net proceeds goes to Kidd's Kids!

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