Lia's Kitchen is an Asian fusion restaurant that played a big part in my time living in downtown Lufkin. It was right downstairs and was a place I frequently ordered from.

It is the only place you could find good Vietnamese Pho in Lufkin. The staff was always great and very hard-working, and the food was good.

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They first opened in early June 2017 and gained a following of lawyers and other people who worked and had business near the Angelina County courthouse.

Lia's Kitchen's Owners Expanded To A Second Restaurant

Over the summer of 2023, the owners of Lia's Kitchen surprised everyone by working on a new restaurant. They had survived the restaurant culling during the pandemic and were thriving.

The Iron Grill opened that September where Five Guys was in the South Loop Crossing shopping center in Lufkin. The menu was familiar to customers of Lia's Kitchen, though they had their own personality and specialty menu items that they only had there.

Now after about 6 months since the Iron Grill opened, they have decided to close the doors on Lia's Kitchen in downtown Lufkin

Lia's Kitchen Closing For Good In Downtown Lufkin

In a recent post on Facebook Lia's Kitchen thanked their customers for their loyalty, and announced that their last day at that location will be Friday, April 19, 2024.

After being there for 7 years they are leaving to focus on the Iron Grill.


Many businesses in downtown Lufkin changed hands before the construction going on downtown. The next few months will be a challenge for many downtown Lufkin businesses.

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Get downtown and support them in any way you can. We weren't that great at parallel parking anyway.

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Lia's Kitchen Closes For Good

Lufkin's only bastion of Vietnamese and other Asian infusion closes up shop in Downtown Lufkin. Owners will continue to operate Iron Grill in the South Loop Crossing with all of our favorite menu items from Lia's Kitchen.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

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