At around midnight, the Lufkin cell phone repair company Cellularbot, made an advertisement post to their Facebook page that seems to be stirring up a conversation.

Here's the ad;

At first glance, the only weird thing you'll notice is the choice of fake names they used in the text conversation. Kram and Ttam? Maybe they're Croatian twins or something, right?

Well, Screen Geeks owner, Matt Davis has a different theory. Check out his Facebook post from mere minutes after the Cellularbot post was published;

What are your thoughts? There's actually a lot more to this story, and history between the employees at both locations. Those that know the full history might have different opinions about the advertisement, but do you think Cellularbot did anything wrong here? Some of the comments suggest they should have been more professional in their post?

We want to hear from you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Is this behavior too childish, or is all fair in cell phone repair war?

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