Workers at the Lufkin area Logan's Roadhouse got a pink slip just as Coronavirus shut down our area. Thinking that this was a temporary issue, due to the virus they were still allowed to hope.

The New York Post reported that the company behind the Logan's restaurant business - CraftWorks Holdings filled for bankruptcy. Then they terminated almost all of their 18,000 employees, along with their benefits. They closed all of their 261 locations in response to Covid-19 regulations.

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The laid off employees got some good news on April 9th, when they found out the closing would not be permanent. Craftworks that owns Logan’s here, said they they were planning to reopen their restaurants. Staff recently got word that they will reopen the Lufkin location on Monday June 15th. There will be more details to come soon.

Texas Road House is still set to open across the street, so they are back in the battle between the two restaurant chains.

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