Due to what I am assuming is a downturn in business, the corona virus has claimed a local business in Lufkin. Curbside cafe started serving hot fresh coffee from a cool Coffee Truck on September 17th 2018. I would see them all over the Lufkin and East Texas serving workers, churches, schools, and non-profits.

Brandon and his crew started this business and there was a great need for their services back with they started a couple of years ago. Recently they had been partnering with Biscuit Eater Bakery in the Lufkin Mall to help with issues where they weren't getting out to serve coffee.

If you have ever thought of a bright idea, and made it come to light? These guys did, and they had an amazing time doing it. I appreciate and admire anyone that has a dream of starting their own business and making it come to light. Under normal circumstances things would have been different, I know they could have grown this, and who knows, had a fleet of trucks in the area.

I just recently stopped drinking coffee. Luckily the coffee here at the station is not good so it doesn't tempt me.  Yep I said it. Not good. I hadn't gotten enough Curbside Cafe Street Brew, so that might be why I stopped drinking it.

Hopefully they will not be discouraged by this, and go on to even better an bigger ventures. They encourage their customers to check out the coffee drinks at Biscuit Eater Bakery.



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