Last night we set about the task of revising the music that will be choreographed to the fireworks.  Mike Love and I sit in my little studio and tweak a little every year.  Adding new surprises and keeping old favorites.   But this year is going to be a little different.   Just as he was about to leave,  Mike said  "Hey, this year we have a bunch of 3D glasses to watch the fireworks with, I'll bring some by tomorrow!"  Little did he know that this has been a dream of mine since we started doing the fireworks.  Now 3D is a kinda a misnomer, as we live in 3D everyday.  These are actually Diffraction Glasses and each and every firework makes a unique prism of light when you use the glasses.  This is going to be an amazing addition to our display this year!  Thanks so much to Mike Love and Associates for making our fireworks display so amazing every year.

Just to let you know I finished the music and this years display will be around 25 min of heart stopping amazing fireworks!  See you at Ellen Trout Park tomorrow.  Fireworks start around 9:15 when it gets dark.  Glasses will be available at the K-Fox booth by the main stage while supplies last!


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