If you have ever thought of a bright idea, and made it come to light? Or how about dark, roast that is. Lufkin now has a real Coffee Truck, Curbside Cafe. Now that you know, how is life going to different for you? They have plans to travel around, bringing the coffee to the people, starting this Monday September 17th 2018.

I just recently started drinking coffee, and the coffee here at the station is not good. Yep I said it. Not good. But who has time to leave the office to get something better? I guess some people just don't have my workload, cause it ain't me. When this starts rolling around Lufkin, I might have to follow them online. Just to see where they are, and try it out.

They have already gotten a little punny on Facebook, and it's only getting better.

Words cannot accurately #espresso how much we love you💜💜#CurbsideCafeTX

You can reserve a spot on their daily route and they will bring you and your co-workers a cup of coffee.  Their signature drink is a cold brew nitro, I love cold brew. If you have never liked black coffee, you should try cold brew. Much less bitter, but very bold and cold.


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