The 2020 City of Lufkin Reverse Christmas Parade was to be a sationary display in Downtown Lufkin on Monday, December 7th, from 6:30 to 8pm. It was cancelled due to lack of participation.

In what sounds like a card in a game of UNO, Christmas In The Pines is making sure we have a Christmas Parade this year. Just like everything else that is different, "Due To Covid" should be stamped on the front of it. In what is said to be a way to comply to State Of Texas guidelines for events, we are going to stay in our cars, and drive around the floats. They will be sitting still, we will be moving.

The parade will be taking entrants now until November 30th. If you or your group wants to participate, just CLICK HERE for the entry form. Just be aware that this is at night, so your float must be thoroughly illuminated. The Theme for 2020 is "A Hometown Christmas" 

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This would be like stopping the rides at an amusement park and you walking around them to see them. The main thing about floats in a parade, is the fact that they are rolling, so this is a little strange.

If you are a people person and you love standing outside waiting in the cold for a Christmas Parade to roll by with thousands of your fellow citizens, then this isn't what you usually sign up for. If you are someone that would never go and do that, this might be a unique opportunity to see all the floats in the parade.

Vehicles Aren't Made To Sit



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