The warm weather over the past couple of days have melted away most of our issues on roads in the Lufkin District. The TxDot crews had been running 12-hour shifts for over a week, and have just now gone back to normal operating hours. All of our roadways are now open for travel.

The crews will continue to monitor roadways. At this time they are not aware of any problem areas, but will be looking for an maintaining them as usual.

Ahead of the storms that halted all travel for a bit in our area the TxDot crews placed 143,292 gallons of brine on our raodways to keep them somewhat passable and reduce the amount of snow and ice from freezing on the roadway. They also placed 3,265 pounds of melt down on places where the brine was not up to the job. 

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You will also notice as you drive around that there are little rocks now on the side of the roads. They put down about 48 dump trucks full of the small rock to aid with traction in our area. They also put down 150 tons of salt on district roadways.

If you got where you were going at the height of the storm, and this most recent wet freeze, these are the reasons why. Our roads were treated ahead and during the storm. At this point the only thing we are waiting for is the go ahead to be able to wash our vehicles, and get all that salt off. I would recommend an undercarriage wash.

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