Went by our local Lufkin Target this past Sunday.  Went to the toy section, it was gone? Take a look at what's going on.

I haven't seen an official press release, but from looking at these pictures there are tons of thoughts running through my mind about what could be going on at Target in Lufkin.  I did eventually find the toy department, much less selection, but who knows that might be temporary. I was reading that some stores did away with lawn and garden, and that seemed to be missing.

Target Vacant


So my thoughts are, looking at the progress so far, that if they did what some other Target stores are doing, they could make a lot more money if they turned this area into more of a grocery store situation. I have heard many people say that if we had a Super Target they would live there. It doesn't have to be SUPER, it could just be a little less housewares, toys, and a little more grocery store!

There have also been rumors that they are replacing the food court there with a Starbucks. Now that would be fancy. I could walk around Target with a latte, instead of an Icee and a bag of popcorn.

I also found this little gem as I was walking through the craft letters.  Guess it was inauguration weekend. By my estimates it would cost about 22 buck to put this on your wall.