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  • It's nice to see something positive on social media
  • Customers are raving about a local Starbucks Employee
  • Hate can sometimes be directed toward food service workers

It is very commonplace for me to open up local Facebook group "what's happening Angelina County", and see some very upset people. Some are understandably concerned about something real that happened to them, others seem to only want to complain.

It was a breath of fresh air last night when I saw a post in the group about a recent trip to Starbucks in front of the Walmart Supercenter. Now that we have three of these ever-present chain coffee houses, I like to refer to this one as the "Classic" location.

The post was made by a member just gushing about one of the employees. She called this guy "literally the nicest person ever" and "a great people person worker".

Lufkin Woman Turns To Facebook To Thank Starbucks Employee 

That post garnered 31 comments from other members, and all of them chimed in with their positive reviews of his service. After a few comments, they collectively figured out that it was Taylor Romans. It was also apparent that the originator of the post was not alone in her praise for him.

I say if you are going to spend over $3 minimum for a cup of coffee or tea this should be the norm for these establishments. Going there is an experience and a treat for many in this area, and it seems Taylor really gets it.

He does everything he can to make a customer smile in the middle of a rough day. So next time you head to the Classic Starbucks in Lufkin, get ready for some excellent customer service.

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