Saturday, October 24th, from 9 AM to 12 Noon, you can get rid of your old televisions, computer parts, and tires at the Lufkin Recycling Center at no cost. Angelina Beautiful/Clean is having a "Tire and Electronic Collection Day."  Gather up tires, small batteries, car batteries, and electronics that are cluttering your house, yard, or she shed. Get ready to take them to the Lufkin Recycling Center located on 500 Southpark Drive. You can dispose of up to 8 passenger car/suv/truck tires for free.

This event is a convenient way for Angelina County residents to properly dispose of unwanted tires and electronics. In an effort to cut down on illegal dumping and minimize health risks to the public and environment, people will be able to dispose of household electronics and up to eight tires for FREE. Car and small engine batteries can also be disposed of at this year’s event.

Additional car and light truck tires are accepted but will cost $2.00 for each tire, and semi-truck tires will cost $5.00 each. Off-road tires will not be accepted. The event is open to citizens only; no businesses.

I don't know about you guys, but I'll definitely be paying the recycling center a visit. I just don't know how all this junk piles up, but it's nice that Angelina Beautiful/Clean has days like this, it reminds us we don't have to live in our own personal trash heaps.

The recycling center is at 500 Southpark Drive in Lufkin. It's off College Drive and you'll see it if you turn at the Blue Bell building.

- Bring in up to 8 tires at no Charge!
- $2 for each additional car or light truck tire
- Semi-truck tires $5 each (semi-truck tires not included in the 8 free tires)
- No off-road tires accepted
- No business drop off
- Free disposal of car and small engine batteries
- Electronics may be dropped off at no charge
- Televisions and computer monitors will not be accepted at this time
Questions? Call 936-632-5326 or email Emily Thornton at


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