Covid-19 claims the life of another Lufkin location of a chain business. I have visited Tuesday Morning and purchased a few things over the years. They really have a lot of great items you can't find anywhere else.

They are among the locations listed to close detailed in this article from Business Insider. It has Lufkin and our Chestnut Village local store on the list to be closed.

The stores are controlled by a publicly traded company, Tuesday Morning Corporation. They posted a press release on their website Wednesday May, 25th 2020. They put the specific reason for closing was covid related loss of business.

Top quality home decor, at rock bottom prices is their motto. The chain of stores started back in 1974 in North Dallas. They have grown quickly from their humble roots.

Tuesday Morning stores can be found at over 700 locations across the country. Now they have had no choice but to close our store, along with over 130 more.

That still leaves them with a nice chunk of stores to work with, once they emerge from bankruptcy, and things get back to normal. They also made mention that these 130 stores that they are closing were among their worst performing.

I think it's pretty interesting that a lot of national chain's just don't do that well in Lufkin. Have we all switched to buying on line, or from local retailers? Either the shop local movement is working, or there is just no money here to spend.

If you have a story about a business, closing, opening or reopening just let me know. I am always available via email,

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