Everyone is getting ready for another new restaurant in Lufkin. McAlister's Deli, and now they are starting to hire new team members to work at the store opening this summer. You can just CLICK HERE to get to the Applicant Portal. The restaurant is part of the Saxton Group, so when you see that on the page, you'll know this is the right place.

We are hungry, and we aren't just talking about sandwiches.  Come taste success at one of America's largest restaurant franchisees.  Want to learn more? Watch our video

Our Mission:  Put people at the heart of everything we do
Our Values:  Genuine Hospitality, Employee Development, Growth...

           Location - 0561 - Lufkin - Texas (COMING SOON!)

Even though I had never heard of McAlister's Deli, they have been around for almost 30 years. This is the one thing that I think we are really missing here. This new location is going up next to Panda Express in front of Sam's in the Walmart shopping center. They should be open for business this summer, but I just can't wait.

I want to get a sneak peak of McAlister's Deli, and if you do too, just take a short trip to Tyler. It's located on 4325 Old Bullard Rd. Looking on google they have 4.4 stars, and are comparable in price to Jason's Deli. If you are looking for something amazing to eat there, they are known for their tea, and right now everyone is raving about the clam and corn soup.

I hope this is a restaurant that has staying power. I was crushed by Jason's Deli closing here. I go all the way to Houston or Tyler for those little ginger muffins off the salad bar. McAlister's might not have that, but they do have some amazing signature dishes we are going to get to enjoy. I am most looking forward to their chicken salad, southwest chicken sandwiches, and their Texas sized spuds.


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