A little over a week ago we posted a very credible rumor. There are some changes going on at 4505 South Medford Drive, Suite 203 in Lufkin.

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That's where Best Buy used to be. Locally they finally succumbed to the ever-changing world of online buying, much like Circuit City did years ago across the loop.

We noticed that the blue sign for Best Buy was repainted the same color as the building, and some new AC units were hoisted up on the roof. This was the first hint that something was going on.

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Hobby Lobby Is Getting Some Competition In Lufkin, Texas

It seems like people still like to get their arts and crafts in person. Much like clothing and jewelry, you have to see something before buying it.

According to the Lufkin Daily News, the largest craft store chain in North America is indeed going in where Best Buy was. They were able to reach Rachel Peterson, head of corporate and product communications at Michaels.

She confirmed the rumor and was glad to hear that we were all super excited about the store coming to town. The one thing glaringly missing from the conversation was any mention of exactly when we can start shopping at the store.

When Will Michaels Arts And Crafts Open In Lufkin, Texas?

The rumors are over, and now we wait. They did say that they will be coming in 2023, so that's a positive. If you want to work there you can apply at micheals.com/jobs.

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