I have already seen Christmas Lights all over Lufkin. If you know where some great displays are already, we would love to know about them. Just message us on facebook, or email us from kfox95.com.

The Downtown Lufkin Christmas Lights.
They have really stepped it up this year around Main Street Lufkin.  There was always lights at the courthouse, and the amazing moving light canopy stringing lights across the buildings around the Pines Theater. Really makes you think of downtown scene's from movies. Arches of lights start around Morales Restaurant on South First. Now they have placed Santa's Sleigh and Rudolph The Red Nose Pumping Unit and given the event a name 'Christmas In The Pines.'

Four Season Subdivision, this one is a quick jaunt from Brookhollow, off Old Union Road back off the loop behind the newer Lufkin Post Office. Lights to be seen down almost every street. If you look up and the street names are months of the year, then you know you are in the right place for some Christmas cheer!


.There are a few other random places to see a few homes. Inwood Street off Moffet Road inside the loop in Lufkin. There have been reports off S.Chestnut on Willow Bend Road near Kurth School. Plus the Hunters Glen Subdivision in Hudson is getting some chatter because of their displays.

Let us know where the best displays are. Write up an address of a gorgeous Christmas display and we'll add it to our growing list.

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