Would it surprise you if all my favorite Instagram pics were of me? It might come off as a little self centered, but I think I am the bee's knees. Okay, they might not all have me in them. Okay, I'm not actually in any of my favorite pictures on the stations Instagram. This has gone down a dark road. So here are my pick of the pics!

There isn't a whole lot to get pictures of when you live in Lufkin, but we make the most fun of our situation.

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    This joke was low hanging fruit, but I think we pulled it off nicely. That camo ice cream was way better than we expected too. That is, when we finally found it.

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    Mountain Man came by to shake our hands and sign some books. Who knew he could be so articulate?

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    I really wanted to cultivate the idea that I was THE Lufkin Batman.

    Our local law enforcement decided they didn't need my help though.

    Their loss.

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    Every year, we head out to Ellen Trout Park for a handful of different occasions. In all the days we've spent out there, I have yet to see a real alligator in that water, but people keep telling me they've seen one.

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    Oliver here was showing off his most patriotic look while chilling in an empty hot tub on Veteran's Day.


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    The Deadpool movie hadn't come out yet, and we were playing with toys to get ready. Now we're just waiting on the sequel.

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