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  • The ceiling has been ripped out for about a month, and now things are changing on the outside.
  • HEB in Lufkin has been planning this major update to the store for at least 5 years.
  • Same location, but a new look for the Lufkin HEB store.

Things are finally starting to move along with the construction at the Lufkin, Texas HEB. Visitors might have noticed some recent changes in the store.

They set up a new sushi area near the produce section, and all of the ceiling tiles started disappearing recently. Now HEB is starting to expand into the entire shopping center and major construction has started.

Lufkin's HEB has always been a store that does well, mostly because it's the only HEB for 40+ miles around. If you live in Nacogdoches or any of the surrounding areas, this store is the closest option.

New Photos Shared Showing Off The Future HEB In Lufkin

Top Store Leader at HEB in Lufkin, Adam Richey, recently shared some renderings on his Facebook page of what the new HEB store will look like when it is complete.

Back in May of 2019 KTRE reported that there were plans to also have a gas station at the location. I believe that having gas pumps would make it a HEB+ location and that doesn't seem to be the case now, but you never know.

Take a look at the photos and see what the future of HEB in Lufkin will look like at their current location at 111 N. Timberland Drive.

See The Lufkin HEB Remodel Plans

The HEB in Lufkin, Texas is getting a huge facelift and upgrade as it takes over the entire shopping center it is in.

Gallery Credit: Dan Patrick

The New, and Very Cool, H-E-B Brand Shop is Now Open in Kerrville

H-E-B just keeps getting cooler and cooler making East Texans even more jealous we don't have one.

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