What was going to be Mi Cocina Restaurant & Bar, will now be called Nac Cocina to avoid issues with a Dallas restaurant chain.  The local restaurant, I am assuming must have gotten a cease and desist.

Mi Cocina means "My Kitchen" in Spanish, and is actually a pretty generic name for restaurant's all over that serve Mexican food. It was strange to me that they would be that worried.

I like the new name, which is even more fitting and tailored to the oldest town. Nac Cocina looks even better on all of the signage on the building.

Nac Cocina Bar and Grill is a Tex-Mex restaurant, and will be ran by the same owners as Napoli's Pizza and Restaurante in Nacogdoches. They also run the Napoli's in Corsicana, Texas.

Don't have an exact day that they will open, but with all of the new signs up it will be very soon. Not soon enough for some patrons, but I am betting on a day next week after the 4th Of July Holiday.

This is the same building that Posados was in at 1315 North Street in Nacogdoches. This big building so close to SFA will soon become a favorite of students and locals alike.

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What's in a name? I guess a lot for some people. It's always a struggle out there for small business owners.

Dana Brown
Dana Brown

I wish them success at this location, and I can't wait to try some great food out of the kitchen. This is a chips and salsa kind of day.

Dana Brown
Dana Brown

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