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  • Unsolved sightings of La Lechuza (The Owl)
  • A shapeshifting, bloodthirsty witch
  • Mexican folklore in Texas

If you have never heard the story of La Lechuza, then you are not alone. Let me fill you in on how the story of a shapeshifting, bloodthirsty witch made its way to Texas.

Since Texas is so close to Mexico, folklore from Mexican culture feeds into the Lone Star State. This story is primarily focused on Coastal South Texas and Mexico in 1886.

Historically La Lechuza was a woman killed by angry villagers for practicing black magic. Think Salem witch trials.

La Lechuza Is Coming To Avenge Her Own Death

She magically came back to life in the shape of a barn owl to get her revenge. Sightings were always like the 80s TV series Manimal.

They focused on her being in mid-transformation in most accounts. People said she looked like a barn owl with a human face and hair.

It was also said she hid among the trees waiting to eat an unsuspecting person passing through the forest. She was also known to make sounds like a baby in distress to lure people into her talons.

La Lechuza Is A Legendary Creature From Mexican Folklore

Although accounts vary about La Lechuza, the town of Robstown, Texas was gripped by a very real fear of the creature in 1975. There were sightings all over this town located near Corpus Christi.

It was written off by some as an Andean condor, a heron, or a whooping crane. The police got involved after even more accounts continued from the valley.

According to an article in the Caller Times, a bunch of kids made a dummy with wings, hung it in a tree, and then called the police. After authorities went out and got it, the sightings stopped.

People swear that La Lechuza is still out there lurking in places like Brownsville and Padre Island.

The mystery has never been solved, and she might still be out there waiting for you.

You can transform yourself into the Witch Owl yourself with this story and tutorial.

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