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Perhaps you have heard of the polarizing identical twins known as the Island Boys. Now imagine you drew them in a San Antonio font.

Then you would have SaTwinmob another pair of identical twins that have a somewhat similar look. They list themselves as San Antonio artists & influencers on their TikTok.

They shrug off the haters and have over 21K followers on the social media platform. They listed out the "lamest" cities in Texas for us in a popular two-part TikTok video.

Viral TikTok Video Lists The Lamest Cities In Texas 

Though this set of twins won't kiss each other to promote their only fans page like the Island Boys, they don't mind throwing a few Texas towns under the bus for views.

They don't list a source for their data, so we are going to assume that they are going on word of mouth and personal experience.

This video series has gotten almost two million views since they posted it, and it started a big conversation in the comment section.


What are the things that make these towns lame? We don't get to know that, but some people are agreeing with them on their lists.

Part two puts a few more cities in the crosshairs.


Here is their full list of the lamest cities in Texas.

  1. Pearland
  2. Round Rock
  3. Midland
  4. Killeen
  5. Irving
  6. Odessa
  7. Corpus Christi
  8. Abline
  9. El Paso
  10. Amarillo

Do you agree with them? You can always let us know in the comments.

These are Apparently the Top 20 Worst Places to Live in Texas

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To help you know the places you may want to avoid, or for a list to throw in the face of your cousin who lives in Lubbock, here are the 20 worst places to live:

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