Junk In The Trunk is a favorite boutique for many all over East Texas. The mix of southern charm and body positive energy, will make you an instant fan. The clothes are always fun, cool and comfortable.

Their most recent location was behind Buffalo Wild Wings in Lufkin, at 105 Miles Way Ste 300. That location sadly closed back in May.

Customers were redirected to the website after that, and Chelsey Barbe kept things going on social media. The website reflects the items that were in the store, along with new items, and they did lots of sales to keep things interesting while they are between brick and mortar locations.

Yesterday we got some great news. They are headed back to their previous location. Everything should be in place to reopen in mid July 2021. Junk In The Trunk will be back at the corner of Third and Burke in downtown Lufkin.

Junk in the Trunk has a large following on facebook. Hundreds of fans were so glad to hear about the reopening. You can  join their VIP group there to find out more about their deals, and the exact reopening date, soon to come.

Chelsey and her husband Hunter Barbe are the owners, and together they continue to realize Chelsey's dream of a boutique that only caters to plus size women.

This stores continued success is a testament to seeing a need and filling it. Junk In The Trunk Boutique is an inspiration for many aspiring business owners, and their customers.

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I stopped by today to see how progress at the location was going, and I was surprised at how much had gotten done. You can see in the gallery below that Real Graphics was already there making everything perfect for the reopening on Burke St In Lufkin, Texas.


Junk In The Truck Boutique

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