I was watching American Idol out of the corner of my eye, my wife was watching it on the TIVO, and I wasn't really paying attention to what time it was. I got an email letting me know that Phillip Phillips had won. I was not surprised. Jessica Sanchez was not a guy, and therefore, not going to win in my opinion.

This show is geared towards women, and when you have the choice between a girl and a 'hot' guy with a see through shirt on, I know who will win. I think Jessica is the better singer, but that is besides the point. She was singing too old and dressing to old and taking herself out of the demographic that votes on the show. I voted at least 10 times for her night before last to no avail.

So Phillip Phillips is the season 11 American Idol champion. More than 132 million votes came in after Tuesday's performance show -- a new Idol record. Jessica Sanchez is this season's runner up. Phillip was overcome with emotion performing his winner's song "Home" as the show ended, and cried like a baby!

American Idol hasn't had a female winner since Jordan Sparks in 2007. Sparks won when she was at 17 years old, the youngest ever, and it was so long ago she is now 22. So the winning streak for the guys continues and proves my point. Better luck next time ladies.