Rumors are a heck of a thing, so I want to make sure that everyone knew that Lufkin Mall is open.  Many of the business are having sales. The mall is now open regular hours and if you look at this photo gallery you can plainly see that lots of the stores are open. Especially those owned by local business people.

With everyone practicing social distancing, you can go to the mall and shop pretty unrestricted. I would say you should still wear a mask and wash your hands before and after, but really this would be the best time to shop.

I can understand why everyone would be worried about going and shopping right now, but the proof is the pictures, that everything is just fine. If you have been looking for deals, and are wondering what is open, there is a facebook page that outlines all kinds of local Lufkin business that are open. .

I just became a member of the Shop Lufkin Locally Facebook page and there is life and activity. So many local businesses that really need your patronage right now. Shopping local is the way to go, putting money back in the economy right where you live means it stays here.

If you have been worried about going to the Lufkin Mall and were worried that all your favorite stores would be closed, don't worry. Most of them are open, and will be glad to see your masked face.

Special thanks to Lance Moore for the photos in this virtual tour, I appreciate it so much. I could be appreciating you next. If you have a local story that needs to be told, you can always let me know at

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Virtual Lufkin Mall Tour

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