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  • An East Texas hog is now viral on TikTok
  • National Spotlight On FAA Hog Show
  • This pig knows how to strut her stuff

Rusk County was a hotbed of activity this past Friday at 8 AM. The Rusk County Youth Project Show drew a lot of attention because of one special pig.

A West Rusk High School student and FFA member, Madison Vowell, was showing her Hampshire hog. Her mother, Bobbie Vowell, took a video and posted it on TikTok.

She used the sound "Pretty Girls Walk" by Big Boss Vette as the background music. Nothing out of the ordinary until you see this pig go.

Pig At Rusk County Youth Expo Center Goes Viral On TikTok

Since the video was posted to the social media site Saturday, it has amassed 5.2 million views. It has also gotten almost half a million likes and 4K comments as of now.

Charlotte would have for sure written a message in cobwebs for this showstopper of a ham. Madison's showing was also on point as she kept eye contact with the judge the entire time.

Madison used a short show pig whip and kept close to the animal the entire time as her pig did the work. It was a great show, and I sure hope the animal fetched a great price at Saturday's 'Sale Of Champions'.

It was really nice to see some down-home East Texas life go over so well on the social media platform. Just a reminder that there are interesting things happening no matter where you live.

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