2022 has been a busy year in the City Of Lufkin for theft. I went outside today and found a battery had been stolen out of one of our station vehicles.

We also lost a second catalytic converter from another station vehicle. I can only imagine what would have happened if they thought there were guns inside.

The Lufkin Police Department has worked 16 separate burglaries since January 1st, 2022, out of those incidents, 29 firearms have been reported stolen. In every one of those cases, there was no sign of forced entry.

Lock Your Doors, Lock Your Windows, Prevent Firearm Theft

I can understand that taking your firearm out of your vehicle every time you get out can be a hassle, but if you accidentally leave your car unlocked it could lead to a bigger issue.

Imagine if a gun that was registered to you was used in a crime, especially if they used that firearm to commit murder.

Just the thought of that happening to me is enough to make sure I keep all firearms and anything of value out of my vehicles anytime they are left unattended. 

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Rash Of Unlocked Car Burglaries In Lufkin, Texas 

There were many other things stolen in these robberies: large amounts of cash, wallets, purses, tools, coolers, jewelry, and electronics.

“We realize that even locked vehicles can be targeted and entered through a broken window,” Communications Director Jessica Pebsworth said. “But when you leave your vehicle unlocked, you make yourself an easy target especially when you leave valuables in your vehicle.”

Don't leave anything in your car, and keep it locked. If you spot a suspicious person or vehicle in your area call the Lufkin Police Department's non-emergency number at 936-633-0356.

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