It's not often that Lufkin, Texas gets a shout out from the President of the United States, but today is the day. It was brought to his attention that his supporters here have been placing Trump flags 100 feet high, in those Deep East Texas pine trees. It's only fitting that the trees that define us in Texas Forest Country ended up in the tweet.


He also mentions the reason that the trees were the perfect place for the flags. It's so high up that no one would steal them. I would like to fact check though, as I was under the impression that multiple different people employed various different 'Tree Ninjas' to do the job.

A tweet from Texas US House Candidate, TX-1 Louie Gohmert was the reason that this was finally brought to Trumps attention. Louie Gohmert mentions "Pure East Texas can do ingenuity!" in his tweet.

We actually had an interview with what I believe is one of a few different people that put flags up in 100 foot pine trees around the area. Check out this story with pictures of a flag going up.

It a little close to the election at this point, but I really thought that this would be a trend that was going to catch on. If it gets our little town national attention, well that's even better. So whatever you call this guy, Tree Ninja, Flag Fairy, or as Trump calls him "Anonymous Tree Climber" he did something noteworthy that will be added the history of Lufkin, Texas for all time.

Tree Ninja Revealed

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