Start looking around Nacogdoches you might find something unexpected.

NAC TX ROCK HUNT is a public group on facebook, that has started hiding rocks all around Nacogdoches. Nac Rocks started as an inspiration from other communities starting to do the same thing. The first part of this is creativity, painting the rocks. Then it's getting out in nature, hiding the rocks. Then hopefully, other people do the same, and we start finding rocks ourselves. Ones that we didn't paint ourselves.

That is the goal, get people outside and creative. The Nacogdoches Texas Rock Hunt. Starting Monday July 31st 2017, they are going to be hiding painted rocks around town. When you find one, post a pic with it here. You can either hide the rock again or keep it, paint and hide another.

If you want to come out to Pecan Acres Park and paint and hide rocks yourself, and be a part of this fun addictive hobby.  Your kids will love finding these personal works of arts.

Nac Tx Rocks via Facebook
Nac Tx Rocks via Facebook

Nac Tx Rock Hunt would also like to remind everyone that participates not to hide rocks anywhere that could be dangerous. Anything that would put someone in a dangerous situation.

Have you found one of these special little rocks? Show us a picture of one you've found or maybe one you've created. We might get in on this soon too!


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