The elves are off the shelves and you can find them all around Ellen Trout Zoo. They have moved around the zoo again. Get into the Christmas spirit with all the animals at Ellen Trout Zoo. Just come out to the zoo and see if you can spot 3 mischievous elves at work. Once you have spotted all 3 elves, go to the admissions window to tell them where you saw the elves. Everyone that tells them the 3 animal exhibits where the elves are then you will receive a candy cane.

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There are some rules though. You shouldn't take or touch the elves, or cross any barriers. They are there for your safety. Just stick to the pathways when you are in the zoo. All elves will be clearly visible inside or next to an animal exhibit. You will only need to look at the exhibit sign to know which animal exhibit the elf is close to or in to receive a treat.

To keep it more interesting for you and the kids, the elves move around every few days. So check back to find out when they move, so you can find them again, and get another candy cane.


Regular zoo admission fees apply.

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