This new app is spreading all across social media.  It's called Sarahah, and it's coming for your children

We could all use some constructive criticism once and awhile. In the real world, you have to be a stand up person, and deliver this news face to face. Now online, you can help people like a real coward. Delivering "constructive" criticism at friends, co-workers, or just at random to people you don't know anonymously on the internet. Sounds like a recipe for drama.


Dan Patrick

I had started to see these messages pop up on facebook, dialogue bubbles on a plain blue background, with a constructive criticism inside. Some looked like they were honestly trying to help the person. Others could bring an adult to the brink, much less a young person.

This app is like an open forum to get roasted. People are bringing the heat, perhaps that is why it's called Saraha..ha like the desert..ha. It all started years ago as a forum for workers to send anonymous messages to their bosses, kind of like a suggestion box. But now it has grown to critical mass. The app has hit the IOS and Android platforms free side. It's integration to Snap-chat is especially troubling.

So there you have it, the new anonymous cyber bulling platform in all it's glory. Give it a whirl, I'm Let me have it. I'll post them in a follow up story here on K-Fox


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