If you get a phone call saying that you have warrants out for your arrest, it can be pretty unsettling. That's just what happened to a pair of citizens from Lufkin yesterday. These phone calls will seem legit, someone could call you and say that you have warrants out for your arrest. Things start to go south when they tell you how you go about clearing the situation up.

The callers will then claim that the fines can be settled up by taking a payment over the phone. They will ask for an iTunes, or retail gift card, nor will they ask for your credit card number. You know it's a scammer if they ask for the  three digit code on the back, or a gift card. The Lufkin Police Department would like to set your mind at ease by telling you that they will never, under any circumstances make phone calls like this.

They go on to say that, on top of the fact that they don't make these types of calls, they will certainly not take any type of payment over the the phone. Don't give these types of calls your time or your money. They are both equally valuable in my opinion.

If someone you know is susceptible to this type of scam, let them know that this is not the way LPD does business. It's actually not the way that anyone does business. As long as these scams keep paying off for crooks, they will keep doing it.

Scam Alert
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