Whataburger is as Texas as Long Horn Steer and the Alamo. This Whataburger themed gun from Houston Gun maker HTX Tactical is causing quite a stir. They made the gun for a customer, and on top of the price of the AR, the custom 3 color cerakote added an estimated $2,000+ to the price. The issue came about because it was not approved by Whataburger Corporate, technically HTX tactical used the logo illegally

This is basically fan art, so Whataburger usually wouldn't have had really had an issue with it, but I think the fact that it was a gun, they err on the side of caution. There have been many people that are fans of Whataburger making everything from Whataburger Air Jordan's, to Yeti style cups. In this day and age, the quality of printing anything on anything, has come a long way.


It is easier to make your own anything, and crowd sourcing on platforms like 3D printers is just the start.. Laser engravers started using CNC machine type plotting and interfaces years ago. I have seen copyrighted images on everything from automotive wear to key chains. The possibilities are endless. The issue is with the copywriter holders losing control on what their proprietary image is printed on. But you might want to get permission before you plaster it all over social media. Who do you think is right?


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