You may have heard the Ellen Trout Zoo suffered some damage during winter storm Uri Only now has the true nature of that damage been revealed. I thought it might just be a few dead palm trees, or beloved plants would be the reason they were closed. I knew all the animals were well taken care of during the storm.

Now The Ellen Trout Zoo has revealed pictures to show us just how much damage they had at the facility. It is heartbreaking to see our zoo in such a state, but at least we won't have to wonder why it is still closed a second week after the storm.

A large tree can be seen here down inside the the zoo. In these pictures we see one of them lying on top of the gift shop. The same tree caused damage to the old entrance near the Z&OO railroad. Multiple pine tree limbs were down near the lion enclosure.

Ellen Trout Zoo

Zoo staff has commented that this winter storm has done more damage than the past two Hurricanes. They would also like to thank all the workers from the other city departments that have helped with the cleanup. These pictures might just make you to want to help out too.

Please consider a monetary donation to the zoo. They are not taking in the usual admission fees while the cleanup and repair continue. CLICK HERE to help the Ellen Trout Zoo get back to it's former glory quickly. I have a feeling they will be back up and running before we know it, with our continued support.


Baby Turtles At Ellen Trout Zoo