You got some transportation that you would like to show off? Wash it off and bring it.

Muscle Cars, Hot Rods, Show Trucks, even Choppers, and Race Bikes, if you can go fast in it, bring it. All kinds of vehicles will all be on display.  June 17th at O'Reilly's Auto Parts in Nacogdoches. It's going on from 5 to 9 pm

I stopped in and got some driving lights for the K-Fox SUV today, and talked to the guys there and they are pretty fired up about their event. They are really trying to take it to the next level. They have hourly giveaways, and really want you to come out and bond over all things with motors.

Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick

If you had a really nice lawnmower, they would most likely let you show it off. Okay, perhaps that is going a little far. I have an 86 Camaro Iroc-Z and hearing about events like these makes me want to finish some restoration, and let people just enjoy looking at it.

If you have a nice vehicle, but have never considered going to a show like this you really should. I always learn something new, and gain a new friend. Fellow gear heads need to stick together.

They even already have an event page on Facebook, just CLICK HERE.


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