Until recently I just thought that everyone, as a rite of passage, had been on a Snipe hunt. Times have changed and it's hard to get people away from the screens (like the one you are reading right now) and out in the Texas wilderness.

As a child when someone new would come to our school, we were always excited to ask them if they had ever been on a Snipe hunt. Most would say that they hadn't and it was time to take them hunting.

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Heading out into the woods armed with only a flashlight, whistle, sack, and a big stick to hunt for the elusive animal was a rush. They blow the whistle once alone, open the bag, and wait for the Snipe to run inside.

I Still Can't Tell If This Is A Practical Joke Or Not

Now people on social media have joined in the fun by making online posters.


You would leave them out there, for as long as you think they can stand it. They would likely be over the hunt, and would soon realize that the joke was on them, or was it?

Weirdly I just found out that Snipes do exist. According to Nature.org, it's not just for gullible patsies.

Though they might be hard to catch, many of the tools that you would use to pretend to catch a Snipe are actually used to catch a Snipe.

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Either there is a big conspiracy online to make us think it is real, or it's true. I would start with a Quail hunt and hope you catch a Snipe.

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