Soon the citizens of Huntington and all that travel that way will have access to what will be a contender for the best burger in Angelina County. If you love Mom's Diner in Lufkin, think of this as an unaffiliated family offshoot.

The Free Sisters are actually three sisters Terry, Dana, and Lana. They started a new restaurant from scratch just like their mother did many times.

The one thing that the two restaurants will have in common is burgers, fries, and fountain drinks. A lot of hard work has gone into their new location at 8948 US Highway 69 in Huntington, Texas.

New Diner Going In Next To Double S RV Park In Huntington, Texas

If you know where the new red storage buildings are on Highway 69 then they are right on the other side of the road. It's a red-roofed, metal building next to the Double S RV Park.

They completely redid the building on the inside, and have gotten everything together for the kitchen. After a successful soft opening and kitchen test this week, they will be open for business on Monday, June 6th, 2022.

Though they haven't released the full menu just yet, they have given us a hint as to what they will be naming their epic burgers. The names come from an early 90's TV show, Dinosaurs.

The Specialty Burgers At The Free Sisters Dinner Now Have Names

The specialty burgers will be called "Da Momma" for single meat and "Not Da Momma" for double meat. They got the names from way back in the early days of their mother's restaurant on 103 East across from the paper mill from watching Dinosaurs on TV.

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If you want to follow them on social media you can find them on Facebook. and they are also active on TikTok @thedinersisters.

Here are some recent TikTok posts to see what has been going on.

@thedinersisters #newbeginnings #gettingstarted #allwomenarequeens #gettingstronger ♬ Pivot - Friends Cast

@thedinersisters #gettingitdone #sisterhood #getbywithalittlehelpfrommyfriends #diner ♬ Hard Work - U.S. Drill Sergeant Field Recordings


@thedinersisters Our new home. We have work to do! ♬ original sound - Terry, Dana, and Lana

@thedinersisters We’re getting closer every day! #diner #dreams #sisters #familyworkingtogether ♬ Star Wars - BBC Band

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