This morning instead of politics and Covid news, I was greeted on social media with lots of friends sharing a beautiful sunrise. If you were out this morning early, I hope you took the time to look up and notice. This was quite the display for us in East Texas.

You would think people living in big cities might have a harder time seeing things like this. In Houston the reports are the same as here, it was magnificent.

Keeping our heads down in our phones, or poised on TV's and screens we might forget the beauty that is all around us. Living in this part of the world, we really get all the weather. It's not a cool as we like during the summer, and it's not as warm as it could be in the winter. We get all the seasons, they are just on their own timetable.

Walking up at the crack of dawn has it's advantages. Seeing things like this, could give you a moment of peace. With all the devices in the world, beeping their notifications, I think we need one for this. One that says, "Hey, go outside, there are things happening."

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Tomorrow might be another chance for a repeat performance. Today and tomorrow are just about the same weather wise. Try going to bed a little earlier so you can check it out. Luckily with the recent time change, waking up early isn't an issue for most of us. A beautiful sunrise puts all our troubles in perspective, and tomorrow could be another great one.


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