There has been lots of time for kids to indulge in new hobbies during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We have all been eating in together, and doing a lot more cooking at home. That might have peaked your kids interests, and now you have a little chef on your hands. Taking up a hobby like baking at a time like this can be a little difficult, without proper in person instruction.

Help is on the way. There will be a Kids Baking Camp Saturday July 18th at Grandough's Bakery located in Lufkin, at 1705 Feagin Drive. Space is limited due to the social distancing protocols they have in place for everyone's protection.

The staff at Grandough's will be sharing their tricks, tips, and recipes with your kids. Classes start at 1pm and they last about an hour and a half each. Your kids will get to bake, decorate and take home an assortment of cookies and cupcakes. This could be a great thing, because you get to eat them.

Classes are only $20 each. There will be 3 separate classes. You can choose 1-2:30pm, 3-4:30pm and 5-6:30pm. If you would like to RSVP to one of the classes, just text 9362281331 with your name, your child's name, and the time slot you want. They will then send you information to lock that spot and make payment via PayPal. If you can't do paypal, they will figure something out to secure the time slot for your kid.

Spots are filling up fast, and you have to RSVP by July 15th. If this is something you are sure you want to do, I would get it done now.

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