All things pumpkin spice, is very, very nice. 

Come with me to a land, where with the flick of a wrist, you can turn all things Pumpkin Spice, with your home girl the P.S.F. This web series of videos describing her amazing qualities and adventures is nothing short of a delight. I think one day everyone will have a Pumpkin Spice Fairy, much like an elf on a shelf, in their kids hands. Moving it from room to room, as they sleep, turning all the things to Pumpkin Spice.

Every good fairy has to have an origin story, so I will have to make one up from scratch. When two people love each other very much, and eat pumpkin pie every night for a year, a tiny fairy is born. This fairy will have all the normal ginger like qualities, and be almost 6 feet tall! She will be super powerful, but only one month a year. Autumn or as we call it fall, is when she really gets things pop'in. She is busy changing your mind about what you should drink and eat. Mostly making you crave all things pumpkiney, and pie-like. If you catch her, you just get one wish, and it better be a latte...with PUMPKIN SPICE OR YOU DIE. The End.

Sorry, got kinda dark there at the end.


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