We are getting closer to a huge event coming to Pine Valley Raceway in Lufkin. If you are into racing, this is the place you should be on Friday and Saturday -  August 7th and 8th, 2020. Tickets are $20 Friday, and $30 Saturday. Kids 12 and under are just a dollar.

There many are different experiences available. Including a VIP-Hang with JJ and the MSO weekend pass with lots of extras for $250. There are starting line day tickets and weekend passes that allowsyou to sit at the front near the starting line.

I was really excited to see this event coming to our area. That Saturday they will also have a car and motorcycle show. If you want to put your vehicle in the car show it's $30. It's great that Pine Valley has more to offer on their site, besides just the drag strip.

If you watch "Street Outlaws:Memphis" on the Discovery Channel  then you might know about JJ Da Boss and his truck Heavy. He will be at Pine Valley Raceway racing his truck in a classic arm drop start against real street racers.

Pine Valley Raceway
Pine Valley Raceway

JJ Da Boss will be there taking pictures with fans like he always does. Memphis Street Racer Hole Boss. Small tire all weekend, and a $5,000 bonus if someone doubles up. This event was recently postponed, and I am glad that it's finally happening.

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