Rifling though our big old bag of nope, we dug up this video from last year. It was posted by Texas Parks and Wildlife. Seems your long lost friend the Tarantula can swim back home to you if he has to. I have never seen a real tarantula in the wild. For some reason I didn't even think we had these things in Texas at all. But here it is, though luckily not near where we live.

They use their legs as paddles to make it through. Their body seems to be buoyant enough that they don't seem to have to worry about sinking like we do. These eight-legged critters get a bad rap, they really don't cause that much issue with people.

I know lots of people have them as pets. I understand that, but I don't really want them out of the tank and crawling around me. Luckily here in East Texas, we don't really have any huge spiders. Large wolf spiders are about it. Tarantulas live underground. I think they find our hard clay soil, not so great a place to live, and that is okay with me.

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