It's going to warm up a bit this weekend, and the fish will be very hungry. Get the kids together for "Kid Fish" with The Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation Department. This annual event, is held at Lakeside Park in Nacogdoches. This Saturday January 20th, show up at 8am for registration and fishing will start at 9am. Your little angler will compete for prizes in various categories. Kids ages 1-16 are allowed to fish, and luckily must be accompanied by an adult, so we're invited to hang out, and watch the fun too.

The event if free, as long as you bring your own fishing gear. It's a perfect time to dust off the rod, especially after being inside all week. Temperatures are predicted to get up to around 66 degrees. Just bring a jacket, it won't be 66 at 8am during registration. There is also an opportunity to volunteer to help with organization and clean up. If you have some time this Saturday, just contact the Nacogdoches Recreation Center, at 936-559-2960.

Kid Fish


This is a very interesting little lake inside the Nacogdoches city limits. It's close a lot of stores, so if you need to stop and get some tackle, it's convenient. I have taken my son fishing there on many a Sunday, and they always have it well stocked, and it's mostly because of this event.

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