Nothing at a dollar store costs a dollar anymore. Where did the dollar menu at the fast food drive-thru go?

Inflation took a big jump along with interest rates, and residents of the Lone Star State are feeling the pinch. Everyday items and services that we indulged in have to go.

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We have heard for years from financial "gurus" that we need to cut down on frivolous spending. Telling us we will never get ahead spending $5 for a cup of coffee daily or taking on a hefty car payment.


Now in Texas, many things are so expensive we finally got the message. Texans are carefully budgeting to buy staples at the grocery store.

High Prices Have Set In And Are Here To Stay In Texas

According to Buzzfeed people are sharing things they no longer buy on social media. They are sharing the decisions they made to keep their families afloat.

Giving things up for religious reasons is a lot different than giving them up because of the cost. Big corporations saw their chance to raise prices and see what happens.

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As our population in Texas continues to rise, the citizens will ultimately decide what we will pay for and what we will not. Then grocery stores had to raise prices more than the normal 3% per year, and Texas families started hurting.

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See how Texans are cutting back on everyday items to make their budgets stretch further. You might get some ideas that could save you enough money to indulge in name-brand toilet paper.

Items To Expensive For Texans To Spend Money On

Buzzfeed recently conducted a survey that asked folks what they're cutting back on to save money. Not all of the things on the list relate to Texans, but here are the ones that do.

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