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  • Naming a dog is serious business
  • Perfect fit for your dog's personality
  • Every member of the family will agree on these

Most Texans at some point have had the hard task of finding the perfect name for "man's best friend". Some put more thought into their names than they did their own children.

You can't crunch data all day and just pull the perfect name for your dog out of a list; you have to do some hunting. If that search for the perfect dog name has led you here, hopefully you find what you are looking for.

Getting a dog is a huge event for anyone, and everyone you know will judge you and your dog by what you name it. Here are a few tips on naming your dog before we get to the list.

Most Popular Dog Names End In A Vowel

Considering your dog's personality is always a must. If you have a big lazy Beagle you might not want to name him "Flash". That is unless you are a huge fan of the Dukes of Hazard.

Texans like this tongue-in-cheek type of humor. I've met a tiny teacup poodle named Big Tex.

If you are on the fence about a dog's name, a good rule of thumb is one that ends in a vowel. That slight change in your voice is what your dog is listening for. That's why we don't usually name our animals people names like John.

It's all about that attitude when it comes to dog names in Texas. Get some inspiration for your next dog's name, and see what others are naming their dogs in Texas with our list.

Top 50 Most Popular Dog Names In 2023 In Texas

Do you see your pup's name on there?


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